h` Low Frequency Radio Group
The Low Frequency Radio group uses electromagnetic waves between 0.5-500 kHz to explore the Earth's natural electricity, while developing practical applications. Low frequency (LF) radio waves have a large number of applications, including:
(1) Lightning produces powerful low frequency waves, which are essentially a fingerprint of the lightning.
(2) LF waves reflect at 80 km altitude, and can travel around the world for global communications and navigation
(3) LF waves penetrate into the ground and seawater, making them useful for underground communications and mapping
(4) LF waves allow diagnostics of the ionospheric D-region, which is too high for balloons yet too low for satellites.
(5) LF waves escape into space, interacting with particles that otherwise damage and destroy satellites, and trigger aurora.
(6) LF waves are extremely difficult to generate, so we need radically different kinds of antennas to broadcast.
Please see the below presentation for more details and information. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!