Current Georgia Tech Graduate Students

If you are interested in joining the research group, please send me an email indicating your interest, or stop by my office.

Prospective Graduate Students

I can only work with students who have been accepted to the Georgia Tech ECE graduate program. Information on applying can be found here. The deadline is in mid December each year. If you are particularly interested in my research group, please identify this in the personal statement of your graduate admissions application, and indicate "electromagnetics" as one of your two preferred technical interest areas. You may also email me to let me know. I am unable to respond to every inquiry, but I do read them all.

Georgia Tech Undergraduate Students

I am very supportive of undergraduate involvement in research. I encourage you to read this article about some of the options. Perhaps the easiest way to get involved is via Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) team that I mentor, that has roughly 15 undergraduate students from different disciplines at a given time, working together on a long term design project. Students may join as early as their sophomore year and can remain on the team through their senior year. You get course credit and it may count for your senior design requirement (or junior design if you're a CS student). I am always on the lookout for talented and motivated undergraduates to join. If you are interested and would like to talk to me, please stop by my office or email me. But you do not need my permission to apply, simply do so by going to the VIP program website at and find the team called "Lightning from the Edge of Space". I am also open to individual research projects under UROP or other mechanisms, in which case you should contact me to discuss. But the VIP team may be the best way to get involved in my research as an undergraduate.

Undergraduates from other institutions

During the fall/spring academic year, I do not host internships from other institutions. For summer internships, if you are a US citizen, you can apply for Georgia Tech's SURE program if you would like to spend 10 weeks on a paid internship in my group (or any other group in the College of Engineering). Read more about SURE here. If you are interested specifically in my group, please contact me beforehand. The deadline to apply is usually March 1.